We would like to thank everyone who came out to help This fundraiser assists the Evergreen House, Inc.
provide services for individuals with alcohol and substance abuse problems who would otherwise have little
chance for recovery due to lack of resources.  Since opening its doors in April of 1998, Evergreen House
has served the needs of more than 1500 homeless men in recovering throughout New England.
Frank Whitty & Peter McCarthy
along with the 1st Place Winners
Barry Higham, Mark Madden,
Scott Campbell, Steven Murphy
2nd Place Winners
Warren Mohr, Brett Bussierre,
Trey Conway, Shawn
3rd Place Winners
Carmine Zottoli, Jim Greene,
William Werner, Shawn Sullivan
Closest to the Pin Winner Barry Higham
Closest to the Pin Winner Barry Higham
Dick Demerjian & Joe Santelli
Tom Gleason, Tom Spiro,
Mal Whitcomb, Luke LaPerriere
Matthew Frazier, Kim Frazier,
Denisel Frazier, Michael Frazier
Chris M., Peter McCarthy,
Matt Rocheleau, Kevin Rosario
Scott Campbell, Steven Murphy,
Barry Higham, Mark Madden
Matthew Fitzpatrick & Tom Elliott
Mike Sinopoli, Fran Reynolds, Jim  Finn
Kyle Mulcahy, Bill Mulcahy,
Dylan Benoit, Adam Clement
Robert Renaud, Richard Soares,
John Pereira, Wayne McDonald
Edward Demount, Gene Emerson,
Francis Reynolds, Greg St. Pierre
Trey Conway, ShawnBrett,
Bussierre, Warren Mohr
Jeffrey Pierce, Dennis Lyons,
Frank Whitty, Billy Palmer
James Leahy, Matt Rocheleau &
the Director of Evergreen House, Inc.Peter McCarthy
names might not be in the correct order
please contact me with any corrections
Thank You