Rules and Regulations
Evergreen House Inc.

1. Any use of alcohol, drugs or gambling during your residency may be grounds for immediate dismissal.
      No  mind altering substances

2. Prescription and over the counter drugs must be approved by a staff member.

3. In order for Evergreen House Inc. to run effectively, supervised toxicology screenings are conducted.
Those who miss a toxicology screening may be discharged from Evergreen House Inc.

4. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be allowed on the premises at any time.

5. There is NO SMOKING OR VAPING allowed in the house. Smoking/Vaping is allowed outside only.
Please use the butt cans and discard of e-liquids properly.

6. No resident is allowed in another residents bedroom unless they share that together.

7. It is strongly recommended that your valuables be kept off of premises.
Evergreen House is not responsible for any loss or theft.

8. No weapons are to be brought or kept on the premises at any time.

9. It is your responsibility to sign in and out of the log sheet when leaving/returning the premises at all times.

10. Residents are required to attend seven AA or NA meetings per week as outlined in their treatment program.

11. All residents must have a sponsor and home group within 30 days.

12. Curfew is 11:00pm through 6:00am.
If you are going to be late, it is your responsibility to call the house managers cell phone.

14. Residents may be eligible for an over night pass after 30 days.
Following this initial period, passes will be granted on an individual basis
at the discretion of the Director, Assistant Director or House Manager.

15. For the first 7 days that you are a resident of Evergreen House, you will be on house restriction.
If you want to go out you need to take someone with you that has been a resident for more than 2 weeks.

16. All residents shall be employed or actively seeking employment
Disabilities are exempt with prior approval. However, disabled residents should be using their time productively.

17. All residents who are not working or disabled MUST BE AWAKE AT 9AM AND OFF THE PREMISES,
This rule is enforced Monday through Friday.

18. No guests are allowed on the second floor. Overnight guests are not allowed.
All visitors are restricted to the common areas and must leave by 11pm promptly.

19. Evergreen House residents will perform house keeping duties.
They will be posted by the House Manager and rotated weekly.

20. Please be advised that as a house resident you have the right to discuss any and all grievances
with the Director, Assistant Director or house manager.

21. Mouthwash and any medications containing alcohol are not allowed at Evergreen House.

22. Upon signature of this document you agree that you will not participate in another community
member’s disease by withholding information about chemical use or destructive behaviors.

23. WiFi is available for residents in total compliance of the rules at Evergreen House Inc.,
illegal downloading from the internet is prohibited.

24. No candles, incense or burning devices of any sort are allowed.

25. It is your responsibility not to ingest any substance that may affect a drug test.

26. Rent is due IN ADVANCE and is non refundable
without 1 week notice of leaving, (includes discharge).

I understand these rules and regulations as they are written and as they have been verbally explained to me during my interview.
I hereby agree to abide by these rules and regulations during my residency at Evergreen House Inc.