The Evergreen Experience.....

Evergreen House, residents participate in mandatory
in-house group meetings, and seven self-help meetings
per week. Random toxicology screenings are conducted
to ensure a sober environment. A positive screen result
generally calls for the client's dismissal.

Rules & Regulations at Evergreen House encourage
residents to become responsible members of the house.
Residents are required to become employed within a
reasonable time period, and are aided through our
education and employment training network.
Our Recovery Wellness Plan is designed to provide
an affordable,supportive, sober environment
promoting personal recovery and responsibility.
It is our hope that the client can and will be accepted
back into society when he leaves
Evergreen House.

To help prevent relapse and to give the individual a
chance to adjust to sobriety,
Evergreen House provides
a temporary transition from the rehab environment to a
home environment in the following manner.
If the client's progress is satisfactory,
he is offered the opportunity to move to the
Marc Thomas Rose House.
This is the "Graduate House" where Phase II begins.  
Requirements are less restrictive, where he remains until he
feels confident that he can return to society and maintain his
sobriety and/or be free from substance abuse. These men can
and do often become part of the community as they
never were before.

What does
Evergreen House offer these men?

A way out from under their alcoholism and substance abuse,
An understanding of ones self,
A different way of doing things,
A chance to live a normal life,
A chance of being a family member,
A chance to be part of society; instead of being looked down on,
A way of building self-esteem,
A way for a useful and happy life,
The opportunity to make dreams come true,
Hope instead of despair.

Where there is
"Green" there is Growth."

Evergreen House, Inc.
Keeping Recovery Ever Green
Evergreen tree