Evergreen House, Inc.
2875 Cranberry Highway
East Wareham, MA 02538

Evergreen House, Inc.
Keeping Recovery Ever Green
Evergreen House is an approximately 150 - 200 year old house
that is a safe haven and is called home for many men
in early phases of recovery. A place where they learn
about recovery and how to be responsible while
integrating with other men. They learn that being helpful
to others is helpful to themselves. That there is a different
way of living; a way without drugs and/or alcohol.
This is also where we have our office. The director & assistant
director are usually in the office on a daily basis. Providing
interviews and overseeing the everyday operation of both houses.
Both clerical and personal obligations are met.
This house being very old has had many updates:
Recently- yard improvements, decks, fence, etc.
The residents are constantly working on themselved and their surroundings.