Evergreen House, Inc.
Keeping Recovery Ever Green
If you or an organization that you know of, is in need of help
and/or volunteers, non-profits or doing non-profit work; many
of the men at
Evergreen House and the MarcThomas Rose
have a willingness to be of service. They have come to
realize the benefits of being of service to others and may be
available to help you or your organization. Call the office or
e-mail us with your needs and we will gladly see if any of the
men in either house would be available to help with your needs.
Volunteers from Evergreen House helped the A.D. Makepeace Co.
at Cranberry Harvest Festivals in the past
The men at Evergreen have Volunteered at the

• Church of The Good Shepherd

• Nights of Hospitality

• Wareham Recycling Center

• Onset Village Association

                                                                                                       Just to name a few